Bursting on the scene is the hot new band ‘EDISUN’ with their amazing debut album! Featuring the radio smash ‘Medicate’, as well as stand out tracks ‘Wide Awake’ and ‘Ready To Believe’! Spoke to the band on their recent SoCal travels & they tell us of the exhaustive groundwork they laid to set up this fine independent release, “We’ve been doing shows in over 20 countries for our troops, developing the songs, the live show & reacting to new crowds & territories worldwide!”

“We’re an eclectic band, grew up with influences quite diverse, from to 60s, 70s to today. We have a high energy live show & spend a lot of time working on the songs & the real passion of it all!” Detailing the need to building a strong support network to take on major label rivals, “We’ve assembled a great team! Developed naturally & have taken long term steps to get heard & seen around the world, like playing for the troops & international fans!” Produced by Claude Villani & mixed by the acclaimed Jay Baumgardner, check out EDISUN!

Also HOT & International in scope: Check out the debut album by rock artist SMIRNOV, hailing from Russia & living in the U.S., called “PRIVET EARTH”. With a bold new style & strong songs, combining classic influences from Bowie to Queen to ELO, SMIRNOV is rockin’ melodic with such standout tracks as ‘A Phuken Angel’, ‘On & Off’ & ‘The Saddest Boy in the World’! A true innovative artist who was nominated for 3 Grammys this year! www.smirnovmusic.com

Also hailing from Eastern Europe is the new rock artist called ‘SUPERSONIC’! He’s got a debut album called ‘ROCK’ & it truly does, with the hot new song & video “Love Is For Free’, ‘I Open My Eyes’ & ‘Cyberlove’! He hails from Poland & lives in L.A. now, combining great influences from European & America groups and artists! Check out his site to see the excellent video & discover a fine new rock artist “SUPERSONIC”! www.supersonic.us.com

In Concert news – check out the excellent One Nation Hip Hop Show in Santa Monica Nov. 6 at Santa Monica High in So Cal, with George Clinton, Pete Rock, Onyx & more! A fine day of outdoor music, a panel with top minds in the music business, & a theme of ‘building bridges locally & globally’! Check out www.OneNationHipHop.org for more details!