Another great SMOKEOUT FESTIVAL lit up Southern California with non-stop Music & Visuals!


Hats off to CYPRESS HILL’s B-REAL & GUERILLA UNION for continuing this revolutionary tradition!  Back when they started, almost 15 years ago, rock and hip hop was segregated and marijuana was illegal in every way. Now hybrids of Rock, Urban & Electronic music is everywhere & medical marijuana is legal in almost half the states. CYPRESS HILL, no stranger to ‘mary jane’, have waved the flag for musical unity and the benefits of cannabis for twenty years. SMOKEOUT is a celebration of all the above, & 20,000+ revelers took part in this year’s edition.

Headlined by a diverse group of artists ranging from KORN to MOBB DEEP, from RUSKO to SUBLIME WITH ROME, & from WIZ KHALIFA to MSTRKRFT among many others, it was a 3 stage festival on a sunny California day. CYPRESS HILL’s fearless leader, head of BREAL TV, & co-founder of the festival (along with Chang Weisberg) B-REAL tells us about the longevity, “We love mixing it up & giving the fans a lot of what they expect, along with something that might be new to get exposed to!” “The feedback & momentum we’re getting has been sensational & we plan to continue bringing SMOKEOUT to the music lovers for many years to come!”  

While the radio industry tried to segregate music into ‘categories’, SMOKEOUT fights to blur ‘the lines’ between them.  NY rap duo MOBB DEEP sees that as a positive move, “We travel the world & see fans in all styles and sizes, and SMOKEOUT is a celebration of ‘good music’ and good vibes, regardless of your origin and style, & we commend B-REAL for taking a stand!”

The Festival gets better every year & is one of the highlights of the Southern California concert season! Can’t wait to SMOKEOUT 2013! – LIVE & DIRECT –  by Jay Warsinske   INDIEPOWER.TV

Originally posted 2012-03-15 00:23:09.