That’s what I call a FESTIVAL! EPICENTER 2010 brought THE HEAT to So Cal in more ways than one this year! With the HOTTEST temperature of the YEAR (110+) in the dry desert area of Fontana (where NASCAR runs wild) it was BLAZIN’ for hard core music fans for two back-to-back 10 hour days of the likes of BLINK-182, EMINEM, KISS, RISE AGAINST, DMX, BUSH, OUTKAST’s BIG BOI, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, 30 SECONDS TO MARS, BAD RELIGION, HOUSE OF PAIN, AGAINST ME!, SMILE EMPTY SOUL, PAPA ROACH & many more!
WHEW! It was like an ‘Edurance Test’ to stay hydrated & energized as ‘Mother Nature’ lit the solar furnace on top of the decibels! Highlights were EMINEM (coming off 4 straight sold out stadium shows!) in a massive celebration of hooks, video screens & lyrical superiority! RISE AGAINST capped a two year tour from small clubs to stadium & arena confidence! BUSH & Gavin Rosdale were a welcome sight & return after 8 years of being known mainly as ‘Mr. Gwen Stefani’! GOOD SONGS never grow old! BAD RELIGION celebrated 30 years of PUNK on the eve of their latest album in fine form! DMX ripped it up, strong & sober, as a dynamite VIP area attraction (that spilled over to the main area, as X climbed speaker columns to appease the overflow crowd), X gonna give it to ya NEW in ’11!
KISS is KISS, the ultimate ‘KISS Tribute band’ with new members, staged moves & 4th of July style pyro! BLINK-182 celebrated their only US show of ’10, as they announced they’re goin’ into the studio to cut a new CD for ’11! Congrats to EPICENTER for an awesome show! Can they TOP IT in 2011?!    (Thanks ALWAYS to MSO & Kristine Ashton-Magnuson for connects!)
STAY TUNED For COACHELLA & 2011 Festival Announcements!