Today we feature the seminal metal band ‘KILLING ADDICTION’ who have released their long awaited CD “FALL OF THE ARCHETYPES”. The Florida based veterans talk about what inspires their latest songs, inspirations & what makes them stand out in a crowded market of bands:

* Tell us about each new song & the topics involved: The title track is “Fall of the Archetypes”. This is a song about the overall theme of the recording, which is about questioning the foundations of society.  We rarely question the reality that we’re born into and eventually this causes us to walk through life wearing blinders.  We see only what this reality has put right in front of us. Fall of the Archetypes is about questioning the social norms long enough to remove the blinders that define our reality.
The archetypes are the foundations of society, and each song addresses one of them: religion, spirituality, politics, economics, and morality. Like all things, there are good and bad aspects associated with each of these. They aren’t good or bad themselves. what makes them good or bad is the human element, how we choose to use them. But whether for good or bad, what’s clear is that they’re all used to manipulate human behavior in some way. Fall of the Archetypes is the idea that we need to take a long look at what history can teach us about these social
aspects, learn from the mistakes, and make whatever changes are necessary, even if it means starting over in some cases.
* What would the group like to be known for?  Killing Addiction would like to be known as a band that has something to say. So many bands, of all genres, don’t really seem to be saying much.  Granted, it’s not necessary, but I think it brings one more layer of depth to the music. Lyrics and themes seem to be the most neglected areas of music nowadays. The ideas appear to be first-run, surface-level attempts that had little to no real thought put into them. Some people have told me that our themes and our lyrics help make death metal credible. These were people who are very much into Killing Addiction, for that
very reason, but don’t much care for death metal as a genre because they think all the over-the-top gore and satanism is a bit ridiculous.
*What social issues inspire most of the band’s material?
 Our material is inspired by pretty much anything that could be referred to as the human condition. I often describe Killing Addiction themes as what you’d watch on the nightly news. Sometimes the themes are social, like the ones addressed on Fall of the Archetypes, and sometimes they deal with our inner lives and psychologies. Human motivations are at the core of what inspires us, whether those motivations are internally of externally expressed.
 *Anything more you like to say to the world……………….
 If you’ve already heard Killing Addiction, but not the new material, then you’re probably in for a surprise. With Fall of the Archetypes, we’ve kicked up the aggression since the early days. If you haven’t heard Killing Addiction, then Fall of the Archetypes is the perfect way to become familiar with us.


Originally posted 2010-12-08 18:45:57.