A Great Success & Another Reason to Honor B-Real of Cypress Hill As The Renaissance Man! 


Guerilla Union puts on some of the most crucial festivals in America today! Yeah there not COACHELLA or BONNAROO yet, but their CEO Chang Weisberg is one of ‘music lovers best friends’ in putting together killer bills at great rates! ROCK THE BELLS Tour & PAID DUES are must-see Hip Hop events, & his teaming with CYPRESS HILL’s B-REAL on the epic SMOKEOUT is legendary (Rock & Hip Hop with a 420 theme) and now paying dividends in their second year of SPRING GATHERING! 


Last Saturday’s show was stellar with exciting performances by a blend of Hip Hop, Rock, Reggae & Latin artists; including SNOOP DOGG, CYPRESS HILL, TRAVIS BARKER with BEATIE BOYS’ MIXMASTER MIKE, STEPHEN MARLEY, TOMMY CHONG (from CHEECH & CHONG), COLLIE BUDDZ, DILATED PEOPLES, & LOS RAKAS. In additional to a Medicical Marijuana Expo & vast exhibition & lounge areas.

But the REAL STAR was CYPRESS HILL’s B-REAL! He co-produced the event, got commitments from artists to perform, ran his BREAL.TV from backstage all day, had a merch booth with live music, got major press, coordinated big things, did a special guest spot with TRAVIS BARKER & THEN performed a co-headlining slot alongside his 20 year old group CYPRESS HILL…. All without missing a beat! 


He has single handedly become an ambassador for Hip Hop, Medical Marijuana, Alternative Hip Hop, Latin Rap, street entrepreneurs & edgy online TV! “I’m most proud of our longevity”, B-REAL  tells L2P, “we are still making relevant new music today as CYPRESS HILL and as a solo act, long after the breakup & demise of N.W.A, Westside Connection, Run-DMC, Outkast, Fugees & so many others!” “Plus seeing the advancement of the decriminalization for marijuana is exciting,” the CYPRESS HILL frontman expands, “as it has so many positive uses & is better taxed and controlled, as people are going to smoke it anywhere, might as well provide jobs, taxes & positive use for patients!” For that we honor B-REAL as ‘the Renaissance Man’ of alternative culture & nominate him for ‘entrepreneur of the year’!