How many performers do you know who seem to have an alter-ego when they get up on stage?  In the real world: shy and awkward, on stage: wild, confident, gods.   I’ve seen this several times with performers who are really talented and for whatever brain-wiring reason, can’t look you in the face in the ‘real’ world.  

Do you find you have an alter-ego when you perform?  Do you find that you only feel like yourself when you’re on stage?  If so, you may be extremely talented or maybe you just have ‘issues’.  I’ve observed that many really talented people exhibit a radical shift in personalities depending on which side of the stage they’re on (think Prince).

The problem with this disconnect though, is that being confident, friendly, easy-to-work with are real benefits in the non-performing world.  People only want to work with those who are fun to be around (unless of course, they’re getting paid to work with you).

So off-stage personality development can give you quite a competitive edge. Doing the ‘artist-weirdo-genius’  trip might just be a cover-up for insecurity and immaturity.  Musicians can sometimes hide behind the facade of ‘artistry’ to act like jerks. 

My advice: keep the good vibes coming so your off-stage fabulousness matches your on-stage greatness.

Celebrity voice coach Lisa Popeil has an MFA in Voice and is one of America’s top voice experts.  Creator of the Total Singer DVD and the Voiceworks® Method. 

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Originally posted 2009-07-26 19:20:29.