Forget everything you know about mixing boards and mixing, Line 6’s Sound M20d is a game changer.


Instead of rows of knobs replicated for each channel, a simple touch screen and a couple of multi-function buttons guide and refine the audio for each source:  Mic’ing a singer?  Touch and slide the singer icon onto the stage on the screen.  The intelligence system then presets the pre-amp controls for vocals.


Placing a mic on a kick drum?  Use the kick drum icon, and the preset settings for the kick drum are used.


Line 6’s own videos are enlightening to the abilities (and possibilities) of the system.  Doubters may want to watch the following before commenting:



And remember when you said how great it would be that you could mix the band from the front of house, even though all the PA gear is piled on stage.  That’s covered, too.  By using Apple’s iPad, wireless control of the StageScape system is possible.  How great is it that you can turn up the vocals…or otherwise adjust the mix…without having to move from wherever you are standing?



If you want to record your band, the M20d makes that a snap as well.  There’s a mode that will record a 20 second segment of your band playing, so the band can take a break while the sound is mixed playing the 20 second segment as a reference.  Longer recordings can be achieved by using a SD card or USB thumb drive for memory and transferring to your computer using your favorite multitrack software, or connecting your computer directly to the M20d.  You can record either the individual channels as multi-tracks, or the 2 channel main output….or both!



The inputs are also intelligent, and an abundance of other features.  Regardless of what mixer you are using, or which mixer you’re considering buying, watching these videos will not only educate you about what the future of audio looks like (the future is here!), but it may help you max out what you’re doing with your current gear.


Here’s the rest of the Line 6’s M20d videos.  Click here for our own L2p Network’s review of the M20d.


Line 6 M20d Channel Strip Part 1


Line 6 M20d Channel Strip Part 2


Line 6 M20d Monitor Setup


Line 6 M20d Link Advantage


Line 6 M20d Auto-trim Behavior


Line 6 M20d Scenes and Set ups

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