Line 6 and Colbie Caillat blew away NAMM this year…


Line 6’s press conference was all abuzz at NAMM this year with the launch of their scaleable, loaded to the max StageSource speakers and StageScape iPad integrated mixing system. And to do it up in style, Line 6 enlisted the talented and captivating Colbie Caillat just to get their point across.

Line 6’s StageSource L3t loudspeaker delivers a versatile speaker that can be used in varying performance setups including as a front of house speaker, a personal small venue PA, floor monitors, acoustic guitar cabinet, or as an electric guitar cabinet with built in multi effects. The speaker’s built in sensors can automatically determine how you are using it based on whether it is on its side or mounted vertically.

The L3t packs a pretty powerful punch – 1400 watts of balanced sound, employing dual 10 inch woofers and a one-inch horn driver. And is engineered to deliver consistent sound coverage whether being used as a stand alone small PA or further integrated into a larger line array.

The L3ts also include a built-in mixer with two mic/instrument ins, a Line 6 acoustic guitar modeler that allows you to change the tone of piezo equipped guitars, Smart Effects (modulation and reverb), 3-band EQ with sweepable mid, and a feedback suppression system.

Using Line 6’s personally developed networking system, L6 LINK™, when connected together, the L3t’s automatically detect each other and not only adjust themselves for the best sound, but add each speakers back panel functionality to the entire system. When connected with the L3 subwoofer, the system auto adjusts balance and crossover.

It’s clear that Line 6’s achieved their goal with the L3t: to create a scaleable PA system that adapts to small, medium and large performance situations for the working musician. In every performance situation at the press conference the speaker was crystal clear, powerful, and clear.

In addition, Line 6 announced the StageScape M20d, a touchscreen visual mixing system specifically designed for musicians who aren’t necessarily audio engineers and have to mix their own live sound. For use either by itself or integrated with 2 iPads for wireless remote, the system replaces the usual channel strip mixing with icons on a visual stage. Touching an icon brings up all the parameters for that device or performer and allows immediate easy access to start shaping the sound.

The StageScape M2 0d also offers high resolution recording as 24 bit WAV files, to SD card, or direct to any computer.

The best part is…we’ve got tons of video! Check out Colbie Caillat’s performance and the video demo of both the speakers and StageScape! And there’s more to come, so keep checking back!

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