Music Connected is a single day event held in the UK that focuses on independent music, as well as, the digital world in general.

This year’s event was held on april 28th at Glaziers Hall in London, and included numerous seminars and workshops as well as an exhibit area where digital companies could display and demo their wares.

Among the sessions was one entitled  "Utilizing Twitter and iPhone Apps" as a means for building your fan base. Presenter Dave Haynes from the digital distribution organization SoundCloud, encouraged the musicians in the audience to interact with their fans via Twitter a routine part of their. According to Haynes, Canadian hip-hop artist K’naan has involved his followers on Twitter by inviting them to submit lyrics and singer-songwriter Imogen Heap has been writing her bio 140 characters at time, with help from her tweeting fans.

But not everyone listening to Haynes shared the same point of view. Among those in the audience was Helienne Lindvall, a professional songwriter and musician who writes for artists on both sides of the pond.

In an article penned for, Helienne writes, "Twitter has opened up possibilities for innovative ideas like these, but I can’t help thinking that where there are gains there are also losses. Do we really need to know the mundane details of our imusical heroes’ everyday lives? Personally, I don’t want to know that David Bowie prefers branflakes in the morning to kickstart his bowel movements (by the way, that’s not a Twittered fact). I prefer to live in ignorant bliss, thinking that my idols are larger-than-life and don’t go to the bathroom at all."

She goes on to say, "Kate Bush, Bowie (in his numerous ’70s incarnations) and Jimi Hendrix – all they needed to do was focus on making brilliant music and putting on great shows to have successful careers. The fans sometimes got to hear them talk about how their music came about, but that was as far as their candidness would stretch—and it wasn’t in the shape of 140-character Twitter soundbites."

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 Photo: The Streets’ Mike Skinner is carried by his newly acquired army of Twitter followers. Photograph: Matt Crossick/PA

Originally posted 2009-05-07 20:00:43.