Taylor celebrates 35 years with a limited edition 9-string as Gibson’s new "Zoot Suit" SG Model heads out on tour.


Taylor Guitar says that players who crave a little 12-string shimmer but don’t want the full 12-string sound will love the hybrid nature of their first-ever 9-string. Nashville session players have long worked a 9-string configuration into their quiver of recording tools to add extra jangle to the midrange — the D and G strings are doubled an octave apart, while the B is simply doubled — without oversaturating the mix. The single high E string keeps the treble from getting too bright, while the single bass strings (low E and A) maintain a low-end focus that works well for walking basslines. In the end, you get the best of both a 6-string and 12-string, refined into a unique guitar voice that opens the door to fresh musical possibilities. Taylor’s 35th Anniversary 9-string XXXV-9 is a cutaway GS with a mahogany back and sides, a Sitka spruce top, Indian rosewood binding, a commemorative 35th Anniversary fretboard inlay, and the Expression System® pickup. 


Gibson Guitars has teamed up with Eugene, Oregon’s genre-bending, multi-platinum-selling Cherry Poppin’ Daddies’ leader Steve Perry for the Gibson Zoot Suit SG model guitar. The guitar has made quite a colorful statement to guitarists and music-fans alike with its unique and radical appearance and underlying theme song, the band’s hit “Zoot Suit Riot” . Perry plans to perform with his brand new guitar in front of skanking crowds everywhere in support their upcoming album releases, “Susquehanna” and “Skaboy JFK: the Skankin’ hits of the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies,” both due in stores on September 29, 2009.

Because the word “Zoot” is jazz slang meaning extravagant style, the guitar features unique coloration achieved by dyed pieces of wood as opposed to paint. The guitar also includes a multicolored neck and is available in five colorful combinations: Rainbow, Black and Red, Black and White, Black and Natural, and Red and Blue. This guitar is one of 2009’s most standout and exciting guitars and is being produced in limited quantity.

The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, who celebrate their 20th year in the music business, will be inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame at the ceremony being held on October 17, 2009, at the Roseland Theater in Portland, OR.

The OMHOF is a non-profit organization that was created to help preserve Oregon’s unique musical heritage, focusing on paying tribute to the legacy of exceptional Oregon musicians of the past, promoting promising new Oregon musicians of today, and to enriching Oregon’s music education programs in order to train musicians of tomorrow. The band’s forthcoming albums, “Susquehanna” and “Skaboy JFK,” will be released on Rock Ridge Music/Space Age Bachelor Pad Records. “Susquehanna,” which brings together the Daddies’ West Coast retro style and Latin influences (flamenco, greaser rock, swing, ska, glam, and soca), will finally receive its national release (as it was previously only available on the band’s website), while “Skaboy JFK” is a compilation of new ska tracks with older Cherry Poppin’ Daddies ska songs (some of which have been re-recorded) in a collection that comes off like a classic of the genre.


Originally posted 2009-09-17 20:19:55.