As I meander from space to space in my musical world, turning lights on and off as I navigate from the teaching room to the creative cave, and in and out of the touring place, I can not forget yet another room to illuminate – the Writing Room. I have been blessed with requests to contribute my thoughts, teachings, and experiences with others through articles, blogs, product reviews, and stories of adventure.
















The greatest challenge for me seems to be not only coming up with something new or reasonably unique, but also realizing that sometimes simple can get the job done. There is no need to always knock myself out with some new fabrication on par with the invention of the light bulb.

I have found that presenting a basic fingerpicking lick or pattern works well for an article in a music magazine or an on line site. My reviews have received many responses and I am thankful I can offer a realistic slant on a number of products from a musician’s viewpoint.

Sharing a true experience, such as my quest one year to visit zoos on my days off when touring, has provided good coverage for a nice blog or two, and also an uncomfortable insight into my personality. I have to admit that I spent more time watching the people than the critters, but when I actually took the time to read about the permanent inhabitants at the zoo – as in the ones who don’t pay admission and stay for all their meals – I discovered I have more in common with some of the residents than I care to admit. I noticed with great surprise that when frightened, both the wart hog and I have an inclination to run full speed with our tails up.











I also almost found out too late, while visiting the Memphis Zoo, that it is NOT a good idea to jump into the alligator pit to retrieve flying sunglasses that slipped from my shirt pocket into the pit. Hey, they were new! I just bought them in the gift shop. As I leaned over the railing reading about fashionable luggage pieces of the future with teeth and tails, the sunglasses slipped off and dropped into the pit. Staring one of the prone T-Rex’s in the face, the thought actually crossed my mind, “Hey, I’m from Florida – they know me!” The scary part was getting OUT of the pit as the crowd quickly gathered – video cameras in hand, and hearing the collective “oooooohhh!!” as I almost went viral for all the wrong reasons.

I suppose now is as good of a time as any to mention that I’ll be touring Tasmania in July. I believe that if you might be prone to jumping into alligator pits, sticking a French fry in your eye and rinsing it out with orange juice (another story), or driving through the state of Kansas while wondering whether flies have necks (another story), then perhaps writing is not your thing.


For me, writing is a favorite way to collect my thoughts, share my experiences, and give my other rooms a chance to rest in the quiet of dark.



Check back often for tour dates and stories about the Across the Equator Tour to New Zealand, Australia, and Tasmania starting mid-May 2011.

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