Eventually I have to turn the light switch back on so that I can indulge myself in one of the many projects I’m faced with that are either looming in the background of almost forgotten “slipped through the cracks” projects or the new ones that have moved to the forefront.

I like to keep my projects running smoothly along the conveyer belt and I have discovered that a good list with realistic priorities allows for fewer pileups at the end of the line. Recognizing that some projects might suddenly need attention keeps me focused on the most pressing matters without losing sight of long-term issues. I might be working on one thing then find that I better arrange for flights for a trip before I lose my options for good seats and fares. Then I might need to switch to concentrating on rounding out a tour with a few phone calls for some prospective dates.

Although the business side can get utterly ridiculous with the number of things involved to keep the conveyor running, the last thing I want to do is neglect my ever evolving repertoire of tunes and stories for performances, and topics for my guitar camps. The one switch that is never forgotten is the one that turns on my creative light in my musical head.

So, in the brightness of a moment I work on an old tune and work up new ones. It’s that simple. There is a library of material I have accumulated over the years and depending on the mood that may strike me, or a specific project, I simply select something that fits.
















And when my head is a totally disorganized vault, I just slow down my conveyor, check my fuse box and analyze which light switches to turn off or on.

Originally posted 2011-02-23 23:05:34.