“Turn it off” is a phrase I hear all too often around the household and I have just begun to admit it is a justifiable statement and probably good advice.

In this business of music it is so easy to keep the synapses firing and the wheels turning twenty-four hours a day if I’m not careful. And I mean that literally. Sometimes I catch myself dreaming of something work related, whether it’s a tune I’m working out that’s cooking away, a project I’m involved with, a tour that’s being put together…the list goes on and on.


There are those weird nightmares where I’m not able to play for a packed house because I can’t find a 9-volt battery or no one remembered to bring the sound system. Then come the absurd ones where flocks of Blue Penguins wander under the stage while I’m playing or I’m performing in an abandoned funeral home. (Wait, those two events really happened!) 

The point I’m trying to make is that I am finally learning that if I can truly learn to develop methods of turning it off, I might have a bit more of a life for myself and those around me. So as I try more and more to live in the moment I’m attempting to know which room to walk into and turn on the light – so to speak.

Right now, I think I will walk into this room and turn on the booking a tour light. Then I’ll go into another room and work on the practice some music light, or I’ll go into this room and turn on the teach some students light, or I think I think I think I thin I thi I th I t…ssshhhh!











Whew. I think I will turn it off for now and read a good book…with my night light on.

Originally posted 2011-02-17 18:34:09.