You just never know who, or what, you’ll meet if your job takes you around our beloved planet.  Or what peculiarly interesting or dare I say unique, situation may arise.  I just may have experienced exactly that as I was navigating my way up the coast of New Zealand in May 2013 from Christchurch to Picton.


While taking a brief break on the side of the road for a pleasant 30-minute twilight style snooze, I encountered a lone seal relaxing on the side of the road, not more than a few feet from every armadillo or possums’ nightmare.


As he languished in the grass with the South Pacific Ocean roaring and splashing behind him, the obvious happened in this touristy land.  Several cars stopped in succession and the inhabitants spilled out, ever so carefully, as they jockeyed for position to take their own personal and prized photograph of his lovely, oblong body of blubber with beady eyes and a moustache that would certainly rival your favorite wild-west character.


Then the magic happened.  Everyone left, the succession of cars suddenly stopped and I rolled my window down to take my personal and prized photograph.  On my CD player, Paul McCartney was swooning out the classic hit “Let it Be.”  The seal immediately turned in my direction, straight out of a snooze, stood up as best as he could and began to dance! 


I thought to myself, No Way.  I turned the music down, the seal laid down. I waited a bit, turned it up. He danced.  Music went down, the seal laid down; the music went up, the seal danced.  This back and forth testing venture went on and on and of course I did what any good tourist would do…I shot a couple of videos. 


What would you do if you saw aliens?  Shoot a video.  A seal dancing to “Let it Be” on the shores of New Zealand?  Shoot a video.  Otherwise, who would believe you?


One thing I couldn’t get out of my mind as I drove off is that this seal has quite possibly never heard music of any kind in his life and may never again.   To hear “Let it Be” and leave it at that for a life?  Maybe not so bad.  If I had a wish it would be that the tune will remain forever in his head.


 So what tune do you have running through yours?

 Note: Due to copyright policies, the audio portion has been removed from the video. So you might just have to hum the tune as you watch it.

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