Part 2 of Andrea’s blog about learning music quickly covers some basic harmony…


The thing about learning music is the more disconnected you are from the system of music you are, the harder it is. Obviously – just like if you are standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking a city and can see everything going on, it will be easier to see the big picture – the more you know about music and music theory (the underlying logic and mathematics of music), the easier your life will be when someone drops three hours of mp3s off for you to start memorizing for that big gig. 

Part one of this blog covered how I go through and organize music for listening and then chart it as I’m learning it. You can check out that blog HERE.

But for any working musician who does this on a regular basis – it’s impossible to not stress the importance of really knowing some harmonic theory. It won’t just help you out. Sometimes it will save your life. Sure. There are a lot of musicians out there working who don’t know a stitch about this stuff. I know many. But – I can guarantee you that they work harder than I do to learn music. Because the reality is that getting under the hood of anything is how to totally conquer it.

So…since I’ve convinced you…let’s start just digging in. My first video is about basic diatonic harmony. The word diatonic refers to our simple major scale and how it’s built. And that’s another blog all together. For now – just know that we are going to build hamony in 3rds using only the white keys from C to C on the keyboard. You’ll see how it works from the video. And we’ll get to all the picky details later.



Originally posted 2012-09-13 06:10:52.