In the quest for the latest and greatest developments in audio/video, InfoComm is the virtual candy store.


Rotating annually between the major distinations of Las Vegas and Orlando, InfoComm13 was the featured attraction at the Orange Count Convention Center from June 8-14, with th exhibit halls open June 12-14. My visit this year was short, with the emphasis on just adding to my own general knowledge of the video products available for Houses of Worship—that in itself is rather overwhelming as digital video displays and projection technologies continue to advance along aside audio. I did bring back a couple of videos from the audio section that you will hopefully find enlightening. The first is with Bruce Hurst, a field a engineer with BOSE talking about the compnay’s new Engineered Sound Processors and their application in HOW. The 2nd is with Emily Wilhite of Auralex Acoustics, who details some of the products Auralex offers to deal with  problems that are universal among those of us doing sound in older buildings.





Originally posted 2013-06-21 13:02:54.