Okay, I’ll admit it right here. I’m an American Idol fan. I’ve got my favorites and I’ve blocked off the time in my schedule to watch each week. It’s my one big TV indulgence. That being said, I’ve been noticing that there is a lot to learn about business by watching the Idol wanna-bes and tracking the results. The most recent lesson: Good Marketing is Essential, But It’s Not Enough. Over the last few weeks we’ve seen 36 singers, 9 have made it to the next round, and you can still only probably name a handful of those folks by name. If you’ve been watching, there are a few that you will be sure to recognize though… Both Tatiana Del Toro (Crazy Laughing Girl) and Nick Mitchell (a.k.a. Norman Gentle) have made themselves household names by making themselves stand out. This creates recognition, gets attention and causes interaction – which exactly matches up with the goal of a good marketing campaign. You want to use repetition to create recognition, craft a great offer to get attention and eventually cause the prospect to interact with your company by making a purchase. But where did it get them? People recognize them, pay attention and watch to see what happens next… but when it came time for America to actually CHOOSE, a lack of quality in their singing (what the competition is actually about!) left them in a lurch. Neither one made it through to the next round. In today’s climate, you need to have a killer marketing plan – but at the same time people are going to be more conscious of their buying decisions. So in order to create repeat orders and word-of-mouth leads, you’re going to have to ensure that you are putting out only the highest quality product or service. Don’t do everything right on your marketing just to become the memorable failures that Nick and Tatiana have become. Get the word out, get the quality up, and you’ll thrive in any economic climate while others fall behind. – Terry Copley.

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Originally posted 2009-05-07 15:07:25.