KMI announces SoftStep for iPad and iPhone, New Endorsers, New Website and SoftStep Stand-Alone Release

Keith McMillen Instruments (KMI)  announced the iPad and iPhone software release for SoftStep, connecting the world’s first USB/MIDI Multi-Touch foot controller to leading musical iPad and iPhone Apps.

KMI is also proud to announce that three legendary musicians, John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin/Them Crooked Vultures), Vernon Reid (Living Colour/Experience Hendrix Tour/ and Trey Gunn (King Crimson) are now official endorsers of SoftStep.

In addition, KMI has released the stand-along version of SoftStep, which allows SoftStep to control MIDI keyboards or F/X processors without the use of a computer.

Finally, KMI announced the launch of a new website,

Keith McMillen, President and Founder of KMI comments, “We are pleased to have developed the first foot controller for use with iPad and iPhone apps.  Now musicians have an elegant way to control functions such as transport, plug-ins, and processing while they are playing their instruments. We are honored to have these amazing musicians come on board to help spread the word that SoftStep has become an integral part of their studios and stage rigs.”

“I’ve been working with pedals for many years now and SoftStep is definitely a dream come true!" said John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin.

“Blown away! KMI is revolutionizing controllers,” exclaims Vernon Reid.

"Softstep is the pedal I’ve been waiting for. Super small, super light, and fantastically flexible. Now that my live setup is completely digital, I need a pedal that can control any parameter of any plug-in. This is that pedal,” said Trey Gunn.

SoftStep for iPad/iPhone provides 10 multi-touch keys that are each responsive to pressure and X – Y motion. These keys can be used with recording software to control transport functions such as record, rewind, fast forward, and stop. For software synthesizers, SoftStep’s keys can modulate filters, panning, volume, and trigger loops.

SoftStep is made with super-rugged silicone and carbon fiber. SoftStep’s diminutive size and weight (17.5” x 4” x .5” and just over a pound) is a relief to traveling musicians and DJs by fitting easily into a backpack and weighing less than the iPad itself. The backlit keys are easy to see on stage and a 4 digit, alphanumeric display with 20 LEDs keeps the user
informed, helpful because the Multi-Touch keys provide more than just on/off control.

Connecting through the 30-pin USB camera interface, SoftStep is iOS class compliant and no custom drivers are required. SoftStep can be powered remotely using no current from the iPad or other iOS device.

SoftStep provides MIDI In and Out hardware ports for connecting to MIDI devices using the optional MIDI expander. A stereo jack allows use of expression pedals or a Control Voltage for even more flexibility.

SoftStep makes the iPad a new stage instrument and a more complete music production studio, offering expressive control of iApps and MIDI instrument connectivity.

View the SoftStep iPad demo video at

Visit the new website:

SoftStep retails for $289.00 USD and the optional SoftStep MIDI Expander retails for $49.95 USD.  SoftStep is available at major online retailers and musical instrument retailers.