KISS launched the MONSTER book, album & tour on L.A.s famed SUNSET STRIP, where they first touched down in the early 70s & fell so in love with the vibe, these New Yorkers moved & held court for last 40 years from! Their heralded label CASBLANCA operated from the Hollywood Hills & created icons from such improbable niche acts as KISS, DONNA SUMMER, VILLAGE PEOPLE & ANGEL. Fast forward 4 decades & as the nearby TOWER RECORDS & GAZARRIS Club (whose house bands included THE DOORS & VAN HALEN) are mere memories, KISS announces a MONSTER $4250 Book like no other, a return to raw new album & a mega tour that can only be called MONSTER! Notice a theme here………… subtle is NOT in the KISS vocabulary.


Gene Simmons tells L2P/INDIEPOWER TV : We are in a new era that demands a real SHOW these days, mo one wants to pay top dollar to attend a show to see an artist just sing & play, they want to be entertained.  Just off THE TOUR featuring KISS & MOTLEY CRUE, you can bet there was more pyro & lighting effects than the next few mega tours combined. Co-founder & lead singer/producer of the new album Paul Stanley adds : We wanted to take the energy of the songs back to RAW and the recording back to Analog, the way all of our favorites albums were made back in time!



Being independent, with licensing deals to release their catalog & more merch licenses than any band in history (KISS condoms & caskets anyone?), they are a BRAND that will never die! Watch for new younger unknown members take their masked predecessors place in coming years, to take the KISS brand into the 2020s & beyond – you heard it FIRST from INDIEPOWER. What other band could do that?!  MONSTER ii is!


By Jay Warsinske INDIEPOWER