With global tension escalating at an alarming pace, we all need a place of escape, and peace can always be found in music. But all is lost if the music is disingenuous or without heart or spirit.

On the other hand, when the music flows from someone who has survived their own dark nights, and emerged a more focused and inspired individual, the experience is positive and refreshing. She delivers a very positive, hopeful, message with a sweet voice and excellent instrumental skills.

Kelly Murray has always considered herself a musician, or as she says, "I was born with my music inside of me.” She has been involved in music-related activities ranging from church choirs and worship teams to school bands and choruses and has been writing music since her teen years, “I can still remember when it all started. I had just purchased Jewel’s debut album Pieces of You and was completely mesmerized by what I heard. Jewel wasn’t afraid to be vulnerable. Listening to her music was like hearing the journal entries of a soulmate. I was so inspired that I pulled out a notepad right then and there and began to write.”

In the time since, her life has taken several twists and turns—some good, some not so good. At one point, the fire in her musical spirit went out almost entirely. She packed away her instruments for several months. A defining moment came in the form of inspiration from an old friend and as the passion rekindled, Kelly began to move forward, God began to open doors. She posted ‘Let Me Fall’ to her MySpace page and received offers from a couple of lables, but Kelly decided wisely to remain unsigned while developing herself as an artist.

More motivated than ever, Kelly continues to write music and her fan base is growing. “I started my MySpace page with about 100 friends. I now have over 11,000. The response has been humbling and exciting. My recordings were by no means professional. I think people were just able to relate to what I was putting out there.”

Originally posted 2009-04-01 15:07:59.