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When it comes to clicking off the world’s greatest guitarist, John Jorgenson isn’t likely to be one of the first ones that rolls off the tongue:  Beck, Page, Clapton…sure…even if you’re asking a well-versed guitarist.  But, mention Jorgenson’s name and a smile will most likely form on their lips along with the words, “Yeah, he’s brilliant!”


Jorgenson has a pedigree that carries some serious weight.  He was a member of the critically acclaimed and chart-topping country group (back when country was cool) the Desert Rose Band, which featured such cool work he was named Guitarist of the Year several times over by the Academy of Country Music. 


Elton John tapped Jorgenson’s talent for several years, not just as a guitarist, but his saxophone skills as well.


Guitar geeks freaked with his contributions to the Hellecasters.  Guitar manufacturing giant Fender issued not one, but two signature models for the artist.


His session work and discography is too long to list here not only includes albums, but TV and movie soundtracks.


In addition to the country and rock chores, Jorgenson also specializes in gypsy jazz music, first with the Rhythm Brothers and currently with his own John Jorgenson Quintet.  His affiliation with this style of music resulted in another pair of signature models, this time with the manufacturer of Selmer styled instrument Gitane.




He is currently on tour with both the Dorado Schmidt Gypsy Allstars and his own John Jorgenson Quintet during the months of October and November, merely a part of a hefty playing schedule he keeps up through out the year.


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