For John Schlitt, former leader singer of Head East and Petra, the look back on the first part of his career includes paying his dues in the bars and clubs singing six hours a night,  seven days a week, being part of a rock band that truly “made it big” in the Seventies, then experiencing heavy personal crisis and spiritual transformation. The second chapter was a story of incredible music industry success, along with many challenges, as he served God through music. Now well into a third chapter of his musical life, John continues serving and growing as a musician and worship leader. His has been a sometimes wild ride, but he says, with 40 years of experience to back him up, “God is in control of everything.”

In the premier iPad edition of Live2Play Worship, veteran rock singer John Schlitt, who turned 62 on February 3, talked about his journey from stardom through self-destruction to servanthood. To download the entire Live2Play Worship #1 – click here to download – “Rocking For A Greater Cause”


Here’s the six-part Skype interview I did with John in preparation for the article (co-penned by Dan Walsh), beginning with a brief remembrance of another interview 36 years ago…












From John’s latest release The Great Cause – here’s “Faith & Freedom”