I really love it when I come upon a story of perseverance and determination because I think those are the two biggest ingredients to success in any endeavor but particularly, music. 


So, when such a story comes across my desk I have to find a way to get it out there.  Besides, these kinds of stories really motivate me as both a musician and a person. 


And who doesn’t root for the fighter who won’t quit?  (I think the Stallone character in “Rocky” was conceived around such a theme and that movie did okay, right?).


Anyway, meet “Wendy and Lisa.” 


At first blush the duo appear to be your typical good looking Jersey girls who are also musicians.  But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find a lot more than that. 


Lisa is the taller of the two and she sports the darker colored hair.  She is an intriguing multi-talented and faceted musician who really takes her craft seriously.  It takes just a few moments in talking with Lisa to get a glimpse into this girl’s passion which has hasn’t aged or diminished one bit since her teens.  It still burns bright. 


Besides being an outstanding drummer, Lisa lends herself to effectively playing guitar and she also sings (quite well at that).  Lisa has been in a number of musical projects and the perception is that she doesn’t flinch at barriers.  She runs through them.



And then there’s Wendy. 


There is no other way to describe Wendy but for the term “firecracker.”  (Yes, I was indeed smiling when I wrote that).  Wendy offers an infectious “frontperson” attitude along with a serious set of pipes.  (Yes, the girl can sing). 


Wendy’s attitude and approach to the duo’s audiences and business is interesting to say the least.  She tends to engage people at all levels yet she knows when to push and when not to push.  Wendy’s “throttling” of her persona is an interesting show in and of itself.  But make no mistake about it; if you listen solely to the vocal ability, you won’t be disappointed.



So, when you combine the qualities and attributes of both ladies, it’s not surprising that something special might just happen when these two come together and they get their minds in sync. 


In fact, just a few weeks ago something special did happen.   


Wendy and Lisa, both seasoned musicians, got the opportunity(ies) to sing with HOF mega band, “Heart.”  Yes, that’s the group that’s fronted by the honorable Wilson sisters.  That Heart. 


I don’t want to spoil here how this duo went from A to Z; instead, take a moment to watch their interview below and they can tell their story themselves (and it’s a good one at that).  But I will tell you that after meeting these two ladies, it would be difficult to find a more deserving bunch for such a journey.  Their grit, determination, and perseverance indeed makes them, “all Heart.” 

Now let’s hear from Lisa and Wendy….




– K bo

Originally posted 2013-08-16 05:40:12.