I have a solid 100 tabs on my Mac; I have the paid version of the Ultimate Guitar app on my phone; I have books; I have DVDs. And all of them are useful but I have a new favorite: It’s called Jammit.


Go download it. It’s free. The desktop app runs on tha Mac platform and a Windows standalone (WIndows 7 only) is available as a public beta. And there is an iOS version that runs on iPads, iPhones and the iPod Touch. Sorry Google fanboys (that’s you Kevin Hill and Tim Hemingway…). No Android version. At least not yet.


When you download the app, you get one demo song with it. In my case it was “Rosanna” by Toto. Not sure if you can pick and choose.


The demo version includes files for guitar, bass, drums, keys and vocals. The in-app purchases do NOT include everything. But manhouse engineer Michihiro “Michi” Tanikawa of the songs in the store are avaialble for multiple instruments. Not all, but many.


The video will give you an idea of how it works. 



You get several views. A Mixer that lets you adjust how much you hear of the band, you isolated track, yourself and a click. Any of these can be adjusted or muted. The Score view–at least for the guitar tracks–toggles between traditional notation and tab views.


THere is a tuner and you can record yourself playing and even use the onboard camera to make a video and then share it over your social networks.


What these are NOT are actual lessons where you are being taught. THey are more like a really good roadmap. For those of us who have been around long enough to remember, there are kind of like the old Music Minus One tracks. There are two things that make Jammit way cooler.


1) You are playing along and learning from REAL tracks by the original artist. When I fire up Highway Star, I am hearing Ritchie Blackmore’s original track.


2) The Line 6 connection. I have and use a Line 6 Mobile iOS interface. You don’t have to have one to use Jammit. But if you do, about half of the songs in the store have a little Line 6 logo next to them. These tracks have sounds for the songs included. So when you fire up a track on an iOS device, you have an appropriate sound all dialed in. 


What I Dig About It

It’s easy. The sounds are good and there are actually songs I want to play in the store. The store is heavy on metal. Lots of Pantera and Dream Theater and Megadeath and Mastadon. But a bunch of classic prog like Yes and Rush and classic rock like Boston and the Allman Bros.


Practicing is hard in my house. Wife. Daughter. I can play unplugged, but turning on an amp when they are hole will cause a problem. With the combo of the Line 6 Mobile In and Jammit, I can plug in headphones and actually learn songs without bugging anyone.


What I Would Like To See

A video tips component would be great. Not for entrie songs, but for the tricky parts that might involve technique that not all players are familiar or comfortable with.


A wider range of tunes would be nice. That said, I got five songs on top of the demo for this review and have six more sitting in my cart and i’m trying to talk myself out of buying them and not being real succesful. Songs average about $3.99 each. With some that are very long or very involved getting up as high as $9.99 But only a few. “Close To the Edge” by Yes was $9.99. Right now there is a site-wide sale with a 24% discount on all tracks.


I’m having a lot of fun with Jammit. Download it and check it out. The demo is free so you got ziltch to lose. But Once you get sucked in, be prepared to spend a little in the store. It can be a little addicting.





– Rev. Bill

Originally posted 2013-04-28 05:42:02.