L2P’s "COOLEST PRODUCT AT Summer NAMM*" – Jamming and rehearsing can be just too loud for most locations, and professional studio space is expensive and tough to find. With JamHub, musicians can play anywhere, anytime in virtual silence to the outside world.

The idea for JamHub was triggered by a random comment. Steve Skillings, JamHub’s founder and CEO, was talking to a friend whose son had a band. The friend mentioned that he had to limit his son’s band rehearsals to one hour a week because it was too noisy for the neighbors. Steve, a musician and band member himself, sympathized with the problem. And as an experienced engineer and former Bose product development leader, he went to work on a solution.

Skillings and his bandmates were the initial testers of the first JamHub prototype: $700 of mixers, cables and wires soldered into boxes on a 2’x4’ piece of plywood. Steve is joined by a team of passionate and proven music industry veterans from companies like Line 6, Bose, and Apogee. Together, their product development and marketing skills have made JamHub a reality. JamHub is now ready to change the music experience for bands all over the world and fulfill the company’s mission: “More music. More bands. More fun.”

JamHub lets musicians play quietly enough for a bedroom, dorm room apartment or hotel room. Neighbors or parents don’t hear the music. But for the musicians, the JamHub experience rocks.

Band members pick a section of the JamHub and plug in their instruments, mics and headphones. Then the musicians control their own individual mixes, including effects. “Volume wars” between band members are eliminated forever. And musicians can improve their playing faster than ever.

JamHub was designed for passionate musicians of every skill level, who play all types of music: from teenage garage bands to college bar bands, festival headliners to stadium show stoppers. Says Skillings, “JamHub silent rehearsal studios will create more active musicians by giving them the freedom to play in more places, more often. That means they’re going to break more strings, lose more picks, want more straps – buy more gear. And, because they’ll be having more fun, they’ll also get their friends into it which will drive retailers’ sales even further.”

JamHub is available in three models:
• JamHub BedRoom, with 15 audio channels for up to 5 musicians, and a street price of $299.

• JamHub GreenRoom, with 21 audio channels for up to 7 musicians, and a street price of $499.

• JamHub TourBus, with 21 audio channels for up to 7 musicians, built-in recording and a street price of $699.

JamHub Accessories include:

• SoleMix Remote
Lets drummers and keyboard players “stuck” behind their instruments control their own mix without moving from their gear.
• JamHub Stasher Backpack
Designed to hold a JamHub studio, cables, mics, an MP3 player, picks, and more. Includes padded laptop compartment.
• JamHub Headphone Extension 5 pack
Five 20 ft. (6m) headphone extension cables: _” (6.3mm) TRS male at one end, and 1/8” (3.5mm) TRS female on the other. Each kit comes with 7 color-coded rings.
• JamHub Stereo Connection 5 pack
•Five 12 ft. (3.6m) TRS cables to connect the instrument’s modeling device, keyboard or electronic drums to the JamHub. With 7 color-coded rings.

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*As selected by L2P’s Minister of Network Operations, Robert Lindquist

Originally posted 2009-07-19 01:48:26.