bb a 030513


BB King’s Lucille isn’t any one particular guitar, with the exception of the one that he is currently playing.  There have been many Lucilles in the man’s career, and many more that have been issued with iconic guitarist’s pet name for his guitar attached with hope (or should we say guarantee) of sales. BB favors Gibson semi-hollow ES-355 style guitars with the quirky ES-345 electronics.


lucille 030513

A recent Lucille by Gibson with features favored by the aritst including the Vari-tone ciruitry, fine tuning bridge and lack of f holes.  This model doesn’t even have the Gibson logo on the headstock, a testiment to the strong ties between the artist and the manufacturer.


lucille 030513


BB King coaxs something special out of Lucille.

Originally posted 2013-03-05 23:58:36.