Sure, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s main guitar was Number 1; but that’s a number, not a name.  So, keeping in the spirit of this article we’re featuring Lenny.  Lenny, like Number 1, is a Strat.  It’s

lenny b 030513

most recognizable feature is the inlay on the behind the bridge which is rumored to be purloined from a mandolin.  Fender issued a recreation of this guitar, as they famously, and profitability did with Number 1; so the one ebay probably isn’t the original.


lenny a 030513


Stevie Ray Vaugh plays Lenny.


lenny c 030513

The guitar was a gift from his wife, Lenora, hence the name Lenny.

Originally posted 2013-03-06 01:13:11.