I was fortunate enough to attend the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con this July. For the uninitiated San Diego Comic Con or SDCC as the attendees call it is the end all be all of the Comic Book/ Cos Play shows.

The show features, of course, comic books but in the last decade has transformed into the place for TV and movie companies to promote their latest SCI-Fi and Horror shows with lots of panels and screening to promote their latest projects. There’s also lots of cool panels featuring various TV and Movie stars plus many meet and greets. Then there’s all the Cos Players.

A Cos Player is a person who dresses up like their favorite fantasy character from TV, movies, books for video games. They range all over the spectrum in detail with the best ones being movie quality. They even have Cos Play Contests where you can win big money at the show. It’s fun to just sit in the lobby and watch all the cool characters walk by.

Best of all there’s lots of cool Comic and Sci-Fi/Horror Merch and toys. The show is held at the San Diego Convention Center but pretty much takes over all of downtown San Diego. Most the venders in downtown have Comic Con themes for the week of the show and there’s lots of after hour events and of course there lots of cool things to do and cool attractions and things to do just outside the show where anyone can come and enjoy them without even getting a ticket for the show.

The tickets sell out in minutes for the weekend. You literally need to get them the when they first go on sale to have any chance of attending the show. I usually go all the days but this year I just attended on Saturday. I managed to walk the entire show and saw some fun stuff including a few stars and a few friends as well. I even hit most of the attractions outside. The show is definitely my favorite to attend every year. It is so fun seeing all the cool costumes. The show is definitely fun for the whole family and I have seen many families there all dressed in costumes. I highly recommend the show if you get the chance to attend. It’s definitely whole experience that’s a blast for everyone if you’re into it. Oh yeah, I had a blast this year…..