TIP OF THE DAY :  Look at your Music Business, as just that, a business. You need to grow your music business, by adding expertise, knowledge, & connections to your team. The available advertising, publicity, marketing, & promotion will affect your bottomline sales, exposure, and potential momentum that your business can create. Remember your Product is your music or video, & no Demand is automatic, you have to CREATE it. Build it & they will come……..

LIVE REPORT :  The KDAY KRUSH GROOVE Show in Los Angeles at the Universal Amphitheatre was a resounding success!  Fans of N.W.A, DR. DRE era of music were in Heaven, with explosive sets by classic west Coast Hip Hop legends, including TOO SHORT, XZIBIT, DIGITAL UNDERGROUND, ALKAHOLIKS, SUGAFREE, & a lil group called FIRST GENERATION, that features 8 so cal hip hop legends : KURUPT, KING T, COMPTONS MOST WANTED, SIR JINX, JAYO FELONY, BATTLECAT, & GANGSTA,  It was Wall-to-Wall G-Funk hits & street bangers all night! Look out for SIR JINX project GENERAL POPULATION out this summer & more hot new music by NATE DOGG’s cousin BUTCH CASSIDY, who is becoming the Hook Master that Nate was in his own right! With DR. DRE, SNOOP, GAME, XZIBIT, ICE CUBE, G MALONE, NIPSEY HUSSLE, DJ QUIK, MACK 10, E-40, TOO SHORT, WARREN G & many more, THE WEST is undeniable and coming on strong!

HOT ARTIST TIP :  This is a BREAKOUT Report – the artist is called 1 TRUTH, and he’s got some potential hits with a great fresh urban sound – WE THE PEOPLE & THIS WORLD show why he is poised to blow up!  He’s a cross of African, Indian & Asian descent and has a positive message, as he believes in the Higher Power of the Universe!  Be on the lookout for more great music from this exceptional talent that is highly recommended – 1 TRUTH!

Originally posted 2011-05-09 17:31:37.