The Music & Consumers Electronics Business is now moving at LIGHTSPEED, blink for a ‘minute’ & you’re like ‘a day’ behind. Take off a ‘week’, & you’re ‘months’ behind these days! Never in my 38 years has there been such an ‘avalanche’ of information, data and new products/services appearing daily.  It’s VERY important for Artists these days to think of their careers as a BUSINESS, & utilize all the knowledge, expertise & technology that they can!  Kicking off the New Year every year is the grand daddy of all the Trade Shows CES – CONSUMERS ELECTRONICS SHOW, where everything new in Computers, Cell Phones, TV, Car Audio & more are introduced to the ‘trade’, many months before they are available to the public and consumers. These are the TOOLS that creative content (like music, video, concerts, etc) will be used to get your creativity to the fans and monetized to be rewarded for your sales potentials.

There are NO more rules in the music & entertainment industry, per se. With great content, new technologies & marketing expertise…… anything is possible. Consumers want exciting content, it doesn’t matter who the label is, the distributor OR if they’ve ever heard of the artists before. We’ll be covering the CES Show in January for you, as we’ve done for 30 years straight, to give you THE EDGE, on what you CAN utilize in your attack, campaigning & portfolio for getting YOUR MUSIC out to the fans.


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Originally posted 2011-11-30 18:34:47.