With a revolution taking place in the Music & Entertainment Industry, the focus is off the once dominant ‘major labels’ and over to the booming ‘independent entrepreneurial’ style of music, movie & technology companies! With unprecedented growth, industry accolades and strong entrepreneurial leadership we salute one company at the forefront of the ‘new music & entertainment business’ – INDIEPOWER.com!


Led by the innovative 35 year industry veteran, Jay Warsinske, INDIEPOWER has been called ‘the new era in the music industry’ by the iconic MIDEM Convention news. A ‘virtual major label & entertainment studio’ the growing INDIEPOWER network is growing daily, while the former ‘major labels’ and ‘Hollywood studios’ shrink in importance and relevancy in the changing entertainment environment. With less focus on ‘old fashioned radio’ and MTV, the new online platforms, independent tours and artists controlling their own content & marketing, positions companies like INDIEPOWER as a world leader in the future of the entertainment and media industries.


No one is ‘shedding a tear’ for the demise of the ‘old labels’ and dynamic, that manipulated the talent out of their uniqueness, input, ownership and profits of their celebrated works. The balance of ‘power’ has shifted, where artists and visionaries are more in control of their destinies and direct connection to their consumers – and INDIEPOWER has embraced that and perfected that! With an expansion from music into the related areas of pop culture – movies, TV programming and books, INDIEPOWER is on a ‘rocket ride’ for success, and a welcome sign for the future of creative talents everywhere. Out with the old & in with the new power – INDIEPOWER!

Originally posted 2010-11-23 20:53:04.