With SO much change and new information flowing in the MUSIC INDUSTRY it is vitally important for the creative community; artists, writers, producers, managers and production companies/labels to plug into available knowledge & connections in Industry Conferences & Seminars. But with new ones popping up & established ones getting away from their initial focus, it’s important to know the differences. 

 *SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST (or SXSW) – what started as a ‘place to be discovered’ is now a ‘big drunken spring break party’, with corporations bringing in ‘A’ level talent to shill their new soft drink, potato chip or car. Who cares about seeing ‘new talent’ when JAY-Z, EMINEM, LIL WAYNE, SNOOP, KANYE, or 50 CENT are up the street?   www.SXSW.com                                                   


*CMJ – Again, was nice 20 years ago, big ‘showcases’ spread out all over NYC start start at like midnight, & seminars in classrooms that only hold 30-40 people is not realistic for most attendees to get much knowledge & exhibition area was dead. *ASCAP EXPO – Very corporate and sterile, & focused on songwriting & production. Small exhibition area, no showcases (except 1), nothing on ‘the cutting edge’ music wise & little access to speakers. www.ascapexpo.com  

*I E S : INDIE ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT  – Held in L.A. in early August, launched by top veterans on the cutting edge, IES is getting it right – many intensive workshops (75 minutes deep inside the minds of a particular expert, rather than long winded ‘panels’ of 6 people introducing themselves+ a couple quick soundbites), major networking events including an innovative called DEAL-LINK where one can meet 1-on-1 with top CEOs, A&R, investors & national tour & late night TV Show bookers, and EVERY attendee gets to perform at official IES events. This makes IES the hottest music & indie entertainment conference & festival of it’s kind in the world! www.IESfest.com

Originally posted 2012-04-09 16:47:36.