IK Multimedia’s latest, the iLine is nothing like the other IK products we’ve reviewed before.  No it isn’t a fancy app, plugin, or iOS interface.  It is much simpler.  It is a case with six non-standard audio cables.  

Although the iLine isn’t fancy or flashy, it is nearly a necessity if your are a gigging musician who regularly uses mobile interfaces like the iRig Stomp, iOS Amplitube, iRig Mic, iRig Pre or any other similar mobile device that is available in the market.  


If you have read any of my other IK Multimedia reviews, you will see that the iLine is an answer to one of my biggest concerns with gigging mobile devices and non-standard cables.


iLine_Open_Case 040713


The iLine includes:


Mono Output Adapter: 1/8” stereo to 1/4” female mono for hooking your mobile device up to an amp.


In/Out Extension: 1/8” TRRS extension cable.


Stereo Aux: 1/8” to 1/8” stereo cables for hooking up iPods or Smart phones to aux sources.


Headphone Splitter: Standard 1/8” splitter.


RCA Output Adapter: 1/8” to two mono RCA inputs.


Mono Output Splitter: 1/8” stereo to two 1/4” inch mono female jacks.



The cables are high quality and include Velcro cable ties.  My only complaint is that the carrying case feels really cheap.  That being said, it’s probably going to sit in your gig back until you are in a crunch.  



At $59.99 the iLine is pretty reasonably priced when compared to buying these cables individually…so, if you use iOS devices regularly or own a studio where several of your clients use iOS devices, having a set of mobile musician specific cables makes a lot of sense.


-”Guitar Guy” Tim Hemingway


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