iConnectMIDI is designed specifically to have plug and play ca- pability between any MIDI controller type device while connected to iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch iOS devices using CoreMIDI. iConnectMidi takes advantage of a myriad of new CoreMIDI music apps that enable a user to play, record, and jam. Simply plug in iConnect- MIDI into the iOS device like an iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Let’s jam.

"We believe the success of the control surface in the iPad and iPod will create a new genera- tion of music makers. We wanted to be the first to open the door to the otherwise closed sys- tem to get your music out of the iPad, which has been fraught with non-musical MIDI de- lays or the hassle of the cluttered Bluetooth or WiFi landscape. Both beginners and profes- sionals will be at ease with the complete plug and play strategy and the negligible latency.” says iConnectivity CEO Michael Loh. Further, Mr. Loh states, “In opening up the platforms of MIDI and iOS/iPads and computers though one device, we want to engage developers to think even more broadly about what their applications can do in the future, the exponen- tially growing number of music apps is setting and exciting landscape for creatives.” Kevin Kent, VP New Business development added, “On an even brighter note we had some re- quests to add MIDI lighting control so we opened the door for DMX lighting control with the use of small accessory dongle. All of this and more is possible because we are in full support of the new CoreMIDI framework introduced in iOS 4.2.”

iConnectMIDI Specs 2 x mini-USB Device Ports – Supports iPad, iPhone or iPod touch Supports computers with Mac OS X or Windows XP or greater 2 x 2 MIDI DIN Ports – Standard MIDI DIN at 31250 bits per second 2 In ports 2 Out ports 1 x USB Host Port – Standard Full Speed USB Type A Host port Hub capable – supports up to 8 de- vices Supports USB MIDI Class compliant devices Power Connector – 5 V DC, 1A

Performance / Features
Compliant to iOS 4.2 CoreMIDI framework – compatible with any CoreMIDI application Handles tens of thousands MIDI events each second Capable of extremely low latency MIDI data routing and management Fully configurable MIDI routing engine. Standalone operation, capable of bridging between MIDI devices including DIN and USB Configur- able MIDI data filtering on either In or Out ports Non-volatile configuration storage Supported iOS Devices – iPad WiFi, iPad 3G iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 iPod touch 3G, iPod touch 4G Dimensions – Width: 11.0 cm (4.3 inches) Depth: 7.0 cm (2.75 inches) Height: 3.5 cm (1.4 inches) Weight: 320 grams (0.7 lbs) Durable Construction – Rugged steel body Black powder coat finish

iConnectivity is a Calgary, Alberta, Canada based design and manufacturer of consumer electronics. iConnectivity introduces iConnectMIDI, the high performance way to connect your iOS device (iPad, iPhone and iPod touch) to digital musical instruments for profes- sional and amateur musicians.

For more information, visit www.iConnectivity.com

Originally posted 2011-02-11 19:00:00.