I hesitated at length before posting this as I know a lot of people who willorder one of these as soon as they see this. And I wanted to have one of the first ones.  But how cool is this. A hoodie with the ultra iconic Shure 55 SH going right up the front. I have the mic, but not the hoodie. It’s too early to ask Santa, so maybe a mid-summer gift to myself is order. This hoodie, BTW, is just one of the many items now being offered through an online store that features variety of clothing and accessories, all branded with iconic Shure logos and images. You can get T-shirts, polo shirts and outerwear as well as hats, bags and other items.

Why is Shure doing this? According to Terri Hartman, the company’s Director of Marketing Communications, “We have such passionate fans and are so excited to give them the opportunity to show their Shure pride,” said  “This online store gives people the chance to purchase items that used to be available only at trade shows and to industry insiders. We are pleased to make them available to the rest of the world now.”

Check it out – JUST CLICK HERE.