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7. Dress Nice.


You are a reflection of me, so come on…step it up.


Not that I’m unsympathetic to your job, crawling under, over and around the stage in 100 degree heat on a dirt field in a fairground.


I’ve always wanted to ask (but actually don’t really care) who came up with the soundman wardrobe anyway?  You know the one: the dirty shorts, the Nike shoes, the t-shirt with all the stains on it and the lanyard with the three dozen laminates on it.


Okay, I might wear jeans with holes in the knees, a t-shirt with the most obscure printing on it (least someone else can be seen with it), and a flannel shirt that I got from a thrift shop…but for you…I’m thinking a polo shirt and dockers.


Not cool?


Who said you ever looked cool to begin with…you’re a soundman, dude.


Next Up: #6 Don’t Do What I Ask You To Do; Do What I Want.