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6. Don’t Do What I Ask You To Do; Do What I Want.


Well, of course, I want you to do what I want you to do…it’s just that I might ask for something that I don’t want and I want you to know that and then figure out what it is I really want and you do that instead.


For example:  In wanting to impress the band, the roadies, my guests, and anyone else who is hanging around during soundcheck, I might ask you to raise 12k a bit instead of just asking you to make my voice brighter.  You, knowing I don’t know crap about sound, bump up 4k without saying anything to embarrass me and smile.


That, my friend, is called Win/Win:  I get what I want and I look like a rock star.


Sure, we might laugh about it later, but I really don’t like it when you bring it up…so don’t bring it up.


There’s another part of this, too…


It’s that I want you to do stuff without me ever asking for it.  And, since I never really asked, I’ll assume no thanks are necessary.


Whew, I’m glad we got that settled.


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