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2. Man Up and Take the Blame…


Because it’s your fault anyway.


A man wiser than myself (ha! what a funny saying), said that an artist never has a bad show, it’s always someone else’s fault.


That is so true!


I know my worse nights performing were never my fault.  Sometimes it was the band’s fault, but usually it’s the soundman.


The audience talks over my performance: obviously, the sound system wasn’t loud enough.


I can’t hit the notes or sing in pitch: the monitors weren’t loud enough.


I couldn’t sing because I lost my voice: the monitors weren’t loud enough last night.


This doesn’t even touch on the fact that I didn’t have something to drink to lube the chords or a severe shortage of girls to party with on the bus.


Hey, why fight.  Suck it up, admit it’s your fault, and go pack up.


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