What is the deal with soundmen?  I wish my job was as simple as twisting a couple of knobs…I have the responsibility of entertaining all the fans: so what’s up with the snide remarks, the heavy sighs, and passive-aggressive behavior?


But, you know what?


I’m a bridge builder.  I’m not one who just complains (though I am prone to complaining); I’m also a problem solver.


So, here is a handy guide for soundmen (and soundwomen) to keep me happy, with an explanation of each point.  It can also be found here (without the explanations) as a printable PDF file so you can keep a reference copy at the mixer board that is out there with the fans and another one for the other mixer board on the side of the stage.



10.  Be Ready When I Get There.


You know when soundcheck is scheduled, so just have everything ready at that time.  This is so simple.  See, if you have everything set to go before soundcheck, you can hang out and wait for me to get there.


Let’s review a past scenario:  You couldn’t have the stage set up because you didn’t finish load out last night until 2 in the morning? 


Guess what? 


I was out partying until 5 and I was able to show up (more or less) on time.  BTW, when I am late, it’s just to make up for the times you don’t have the stage set for my arrival.


Come on, let’s pull it together.


Next up: #9 Bring Me Something to Drink.