This is one of those things that actually happened in a church, that pains me to talk about…

A longtime friend of mine had been volunteering as the sound tech in his church for sometime. While quite competetnt behind the board, he has developed quite a hearing problem over the years. Granted, having adequate hearing is a prerequesite when working with sound, however most of the congregation had been fairly forgiving, especially being that no one else was willing to step up and volunteer to help out.


Then, one day, a new guy shows up in the booth and my friend was pleased to offer some training and suggestions.  In the midst of their discussion, the pastor happend by the booth, and my friend introduces the two. Pleased to mee the new recuit, the pastor snaps, “Great, now we’ll finally have someone doing the sound that can hear!”


My friend’s response was to leave and never return.


has anything like this ever happened to you you? How do you think this should have been handled? 


Please note your comments below….





Originally posted 2013-05-21 21:19:36.