Trying to be a “Working Musician” is a challenge in and of itself but add in being a senior citizen and now you’re trying to live the impossible dream with a huge handicap. 

But is it?

Since the early days of the Covid13 pandemic all of my gigs were gone, nothing, zip, nada. So I had to try and figure something out. I started looking for work online. I made a page on advertising my services, but I got nothing. I reached out to friends and colleagues that I knew in the business and nothing, everyone was in the same boat.


Oh no, what am I going to do for cash? 

I went world wide! Ok, I just put an ad on craigslist, but I did it all over the world. I thought the whole world was going to work remotely. How can I do that? Remote gigs?Being a bass player I didn’t think playing by myself on the internet was going to cut it. So I thought about it and came up with being a remote session player.

Really? I know very little about recording but at that moment in time I had unlimited time to figure things out. Not really, but kind of. So I did. I figured it out.

With the gear I had at home and a few purchases I was off and running. So I thought. Then came the task of learning to set up a studio and make it work in my house. Holy Cow! This was way harder than I thought. But, crucially, not impossible. 

I started with countless YouTube videos, Owners manuals, tech support calls and anyone I could bother to help get set up and running.

So with my old PC, some old gear and a new copy of the DAW Reaper, I was up and running. It’s not easy but with some tutorials and some help from friends I was able to get some clients, record my bass and be able to send it back to them. So far I have done work this way for people in the states and as far as Australia and India. I’ve done all kinds of music and even a few speaking and singing jobs.

Am I getting rich? Hell no but I’m still in the game and getting better at it as I go.

The days of carrying around an 8×10 cabinet with all the accessories are over for me but with the technology we have today and living here in the future I can still say

 I’m a “Working Musician”