Named after the landmark blues instrumental “Blue Midnight” by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member “Little Walter” Jacobs, which exhibited mastery of tonal possibilities, powerful dynamics and evocative note bending, this new model, value-priced between the Big River and the Blues Harp, offers all the tools for the blues masters of today and tomorrow.

With a trademark blue plastic comb that offers a comfortable mouthpiece for ease of playing and a durable material that will never swell, the Blue Midnight offers high performance and lasting value. Stainless steel cover plates with wide open back ends and closed side vents similar to the heralded Blues Harp covers allow for maximum volume and a tone that can alternate between sweet and ornery. Assembled with two single screws, the cover plates are easily removable for customization of reed gapping and set up.

Setting this harp apart is a custom “Chicago style” tuning from Hohner’s vaults. Offering strong chords that vintage blues requires as well as melodic single notes, this singular tuning will ring true for the blues faithful and allow for free expression for the more modern boundary pusher.

Available January 31, 2011, the Blue Midnight comes in seven keys (A, Bb, C, D, E, F, and G) and will be priced at $37.00 MSRP with a MAP of $27.99.

Originally posted 2010-12-07 05:19:27.