Hohner has released its first iPhone application for harmonica entitled “How to Blow The Blues.”

For  $1.99 from the iTunes App Store, iPhone users can learn how to play a 12-bar blues lick on harmonica by following on-screen animation and audio/video demonstrations. Users can then play the newly learned licks and jam along with eight included grooves. They can also “play” live sampled harmonica notes on a virtual on-screen harmonica, explore the “Gallery of Greats,” which offers pictures and info on the greatest harmonica players of all time, explore a virtual catalog of the top selling blues harmonica models, and learn about the history of Hohner, the largest harmonica manufacturer in the world. 

Hohner, Inc.’s President Clay Edwards commented, “This launch marks a new day for the Hohner company. The release of this iPhone application demonstrates that Hohner is not only capable of making instruments which stand the test of time, but that it also uses modern technology to relate to a new generation of music makers.” 


“Our application offers more depth than most iPhone apps do,” commented Scott Emmerman, Director of Marketing and Sales. “The live on-screen harp offers a fun, game-like experience; the video examples and jams inspire you to want to play along. You can learn about legendary players in the Gallery of Greats, and understand different harmonicas with the virtual product catalog while learning some harmonica history.  But the best part is the instructional aspect: it can have you really playing blues harp in a matter of minutes.” 


Hohner’s How to Blow the Blues will be available through the Apple iPhone App Store within the next few weeks. 

Originally posted 2009-12-04 20:15:10.