If you have not auditioned Heil Sounds vocal mics yet, get to it. The new PR35 takes Heil Sounds reknown PR30 microphone and repackages it for handheld usage. When I first tried the Heil microphones a couple years back, the flat low-end response, and the amazing fidelity in the high frequencies, was a radical departure for a dynamic cardiod mic.Without getting into microphone physics, the special construction, and use of modern materials, allows the Heil Sound PR35 and the other PR series microphones to avoid the muddy proximity effect that occurs when one gets up close to the windscreen. The large, but lightweight, microphone diaphragm tracks every high frequency nuance where other conventional dynamics would either blur the highs or just drop off in response. The price puts the PR35 into mid-market affordability; well below the diva condenser mic pricing, but not in the low cost/low performance bin.


The Gear

The PR35 uses the same large diaphragm capsule as the PR30, squeezing it into a handheld mic form factor. Unscrew the windscreen and youll see there is not much air inside. The diaphragm capsule and sorbothane shock mount take up almost all the air space. And the PR35 hand-grip is nicely designed with lower venting for its super-cardiod pattern. 

The Heil Sound PR35 has a rated frequency response is 40 Hz to 18 kHz in the -3dB points with a nominal -52.9dBu output at 1 Pa nominal sound pressure level. The PR35 weighs 10.5 ounces, which is fairly normal for a handheld mic and measures 7.67 inches in length. In listening tests using my own voice, I could not get noticeable distortion while shouting as loud as I could. Given its design, I found the PR35 flawless in bench testing and critical listening auditions with my own voice and studio headphones.


The Gigs

Out at the clubs, the Heil Sound PR35 mic was well received by the artists I worked with. Initially, the PR35 can be un-nerving to vocalists, because they are so trained to hear that muddy 80 Hz to 250 Hz mic proximity effect and no real low bass sound. So the initial comments by vocalists were, ‘great bass extension, and different mid-range using the PR35 with its razor flat 80 Hz to 2 kHz frequency response. Most of the vocalists loved the rubberized grip, and a few lead vocalists even threatened to steal it away from me to make the PR35 their own personal new toy.

Overall, I would say the Heil Sound PR35 mic is a real keeper to fill the high fidelity vocalist niche that does not rely on proximity for their vocal tone. And while its not cheap, it is certainly worth every penny if good lyrics and crisp vocals are your bands strong point.


How much: PR35 $299 SRP

Pros: Great Sounding, Modest Price, Nice Cosmetics

Cons: Nothing


Originally posted 2009-01-15 21:31:59.