The One 2 One Bar located on 5th St in downtown Austin is a SxSW hotspot. Check out the story and maybe win a Heil mic. Really.

Considered one of Austin’s elite music venues, the One 2 One features the best of local Austin music scene. During SXSW it becomes a club for festival artist showcases, including an evening sponsored by the famed Hotel Café. Its 2000 square feet rooftop patio is a popular gathering spot for artists as well as the occasional celebrity sighting.

Also in the Heil Sound SXSW orbit is the PureVolume House on Trinity Street. Digital music giant PureVolume will be presenting artist concerts non-stop. A total of 47 bands are scheduled to appear during the run of the festival. James Duvall, whose company Creative Engineering & Solutions handles many area productions, will act as production manager for PureVolume. A full compliment of Heil mics, including the HDK drum microphone kit and the new PR 31 will be on hand.

And although SXSW may be best known for its vast array of live shows – recording, whether through webcasts, podcasts or traditional live recording for CDs, is alive and well. Tucked away in a shack off the beaten path is the new Austin location of the famed Daytrotter Sessions. has become one of the most influential music Web sites in the country and will be recording invited artists during the festival. The Daytrotter recordings are made live to two track, then transferred to a computer and converted to files for Internet use. Heil Sound PR 22s, HDKs, PR 31s and PR 40s will be in use during the recordings.

WIN A PR22!!!!

Originally posted 2011-03-16 17:38:59.