The compact configuration of Yamaha’s new DTX550K focuses on the fundamentals: the Snare, Hi-Hat and Cymbals, three of the core components of any drum kit.

The focal point of the DTX550K is the newly developed DTX-PAD Snare, the “XP100SD.” Yamaha designed the pad with input from the company’s legendary stable of drum artists to determine exactly how the feel of a drum encourages a drummer to keep playing.

The DTX-PAD is the result of this collaboration and features a Textured Cellular Silicone  (T.C.S.) head with an air bubble configuration optimized to give it the perfect response for continuous playing and subtle stick work. The proprietary manufacturing process results in a natural, comfortable feel that’s perfect for performing on stage or practicing at home. Astonishingly quiet, it makes home practice easy. Offering proven durability, its floating construction provides the sensitivity required for a broad dynamic range while remaining vibration-free. With three-zone construction for open and closed rim shots, the pad offers easy tuning adjustment, thanks to a conveniently located pad control.

A great Hi-Hat is a crucial part of any drum kit, and the DTX550K is no exception. With the “RHH135”moveable Hi-Hat (“HS650A” stand included), drummers can play the most nuanced of passages with precision and clarity. Foot splash capable, the Hi-Hat offers the “RHH135” integrated pad and controller, which responds naturally to hands and feet. Two-zone construction features separate pad and edge zones, enabling drummers to play in a broad range of styles. “PCY135” and “PCY155” three-zone choke-able cymbal pads are used as Crash (13-inch) and Ride (15-inch) Cymbals.

The DTX550K’s configuration makes it perfect for controlling not only the internal sounds, but for VST instruments when recording in a computer music production environment.

The DTX550K boasts 427 carefully chosen, high quality internal sounds, created by a tone generator that handles both subtly nuanced snare-work and dynamic, powerful drum strokes with ease. These include 50 preset drum kits that cover a diverse range of genres, including rock, funk, jazz, reggae and Latin. With on-board, high quality digital reverb, the module stores up to 20 original drum kits.

To help drummers hone their technique, the DTX550 offers a suite of comprehensive training functions. Beyond the realistic Hi-Hat and the DTX-PAD’s natural feel, the DTX550K offers internal practice tunes in a diverse range of genres. An AUX IN jack lets drummers connect a CD player or an MP3 player to the DTX550K training module to practice with their favorite tunes. A high-quality click function lets drummers customize rhythm and tone settings, while challenging groove-check and rhythm-gate functions let them enjoy practice and develop their timing. Sophisticated recording functions also let drummers capture their own performances and listen to them over again to improve their technique.  Highly customizable, the kit also offers a strong, compact "RS85A" Rack, equipped with a ball clamp that allows the Snare pad to be set to precisely the right angle, as well as 12 trigger inputs that allow drummers to connect additional Toms and Cymbals to create their own original kit configurations.
MSRP of $2,499

Originally posted 2010-05-18 13:38:50.