When over THREE QUARTERS of the Worldwide Music Sales are OUTSIDE the U.S., that’s a BIG market to miss out right off the bat by confining your sales push to just locally or nationally. Promotions & marketing these days can reach the World, just as easy as the Country & open up many more potentials to sell, gain fans, tour & build markets for deals & commerce of all kinds. Music & videos are universal, you just need to add international marketing & promotions to your mix to cater to certain markets, and as we know, the Japanese aren’t exactly like the Germans, who aren’t exactly like those in Brazil, who have different customs than those in Russia or Australia, & so on…..

We at INDIEPOWER have special expertise doing International business for 35+ years now, & we are gearing up for our 22nd year in a row as an exhibitor at the legendary MIDEM Convention in Cannes France (every January for 50 years, in same hall as the iconic CANNES FILM FESTIVAL). This is where the CEOs & heads of all the leading music companies from all over the world converge for a 4 day business convention to buy, sell, & license the hottest music they can find to release in their respective territories. It takes relationships & a track record to PERFECT the amount & level of deals you can do at MIDEM & internationally, but you got to start somewhere. Having a team of experts on your team is crucial for success in almost every area of the business; touring, radio/video, growing fanbases, film/TV deals, press/media, as in international.

For any questions & info on doing International business email: info@indiepower.com or call 818-505-1836.


By Jay Warsinske, CEO – INDIEPOWER.com

Originally posted 2012-12-31 19:22:30.