Regardless of how much the team practices, or the pastor prepares, if what is coming out of the speakers is harsh or uninteligible, then it’s all, as Solomon would say, “Vanity of vanities.”


It’s easy to blame an underperforming sound system on lack of funds, lack of qualified volunteers or the fact that the system has seen better days, but the truth is there is always something you can do to make it better, and typically it’s not that expensive to get things working properly, if you can identify the problem—and feel comfortable taking action. Having worked with some well-used sound systems in several churches, I can testify that often times just clearing away the dust and replacing all the cables can have a major effect.


But what if you don’t have someone in the booth that has a basic understanding of EQ, compression, setting up the monitors, and getting a good mix? That too can be fixed, and all it takes is a desire to learn and a program built around knowing what goes on behind the console. One of the places to start is with a good hands-on training program by guys who understand the “complexities” of doing sound in a House Of Worship.


The How-To Sound Workshops have helped thousands of churches improve how the message is delivered through through audio education and applied technology. Their one-day “Live Sound for Worship” program runs from 9AM to 6PM and is held at dozens of host churches—there’s probably one not far from you. In addition, they are now offering a three-hour evening class on “Producing Podcasts and YouTube Sermons.”  For specifics on just what the seminar covers as well as the upcoming stops on their 2013 tour, please visit How-To Sound Workshops.


If you believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well—especially when serving the Lord, then this workshop may be just what you and your church needs.

Originally posted 2013-04-26 13:02:14.