For today’s review, we are going to be talking about the Tech 21 Bass Boost Chorus Pedal.  While this pedal has been around for a few years, it is brand new to me.

Most people would say, “You’re a bass player you’re not supposed to use pedals,” but I wanted a new sound.  I wanted to be able to replicate sounds of some bass players I really liked.  After talking to a ton of players and watching countless videos, I have ditched my bass modeling gear for some good ole stompboxes and a pedal board.


This year I’m trying to go back to the old school analog sound, but with a modern spin. I originally started with some low end pedals and had some success in getting a good sound, but  wanted that nice thick lush chorus sound I remembered from the 80’s. I wanted it to be a thick sound that complimented my round wound strings. I mainly use chorus on slower songs, so I wanted it to be heard and to cut through but not cover up the sound of my bass.

For a few songs, I like to use it along with the Tech 21 Bass Boost Fuzz (we will talk about this in part two) for a rich warm sound with a bit of fuzz.  There are a ton of different tonal options with this pedal.  One of my favorites is  the Cure sample setting.

(Here is the manual so you can check them out for yourself )

This chorus is more than a basic chorus, it has features like detune which gives you kind of a doubling effect. It also has the multivoice button which, in my opinion, makes it sound like three chorus effects at once.

Scott Woodward's Bass Pedal Board

Another cool feature that I really like is the mix control.  I can use it to get my great chorus sound and my killer SVT tone without changing the sound of either one.  Now that is freakin awesome!  I like effects that don’t color my original sound and let me keep my great tone (even if it’s just in my mind).

Techs 21 has come up with some great pedals and have been on top of the technology game for a long time. This pedal is no exception.  In my video, I will go over more of the details and sounds.  Reading about it is one thing, but actually hearing it and seeing someone use it is a different story.

Let’s take a minute to talk a little about the construction of the pedal itself.  The box is solid metal and not flimsy by any means. The on / off button is top quality.  I’m a big boy with a heavy foot, I have no time during a show to just tap lightly on a switch, I stomp it and it has held up under my foot beautifully.

The knobs and pots are top notch. There have been occasions while playing when I want to tweak the pedal a little. With this pedal, I can use my foot and the knob stands up to the abuse.

I like the fact the battery compartment is not under the footswitch or hidden away.  While I generally  don’t use batteries,  I prefer to  run it on a power supply, if the occasion comes up when I just want to take this pedal, putting in or changing a battery is not going to be an issue.

All the jacks are nice and tight and seem real solid. Last but not least is the paint job. It’s very cool! It looks more like a custom paint job that would be on a car or motorcycle. It’s not a cheap paint job that flakes off. It’s top quality.

The pedal MSRP is $249.00, but you can find it for $189.00 everywhere.

Can you tell I really like this pedal?

All in all the Tech21 Bass Boost Chorus gets two thumbs up from me. It sounds great, it looks great, and I couldn’t have asked for it do anything else, except maybe play my bass for me…