Audio-Technica has signed on guitarist John 5 as their latest endorsee.  John 5, the shredder known for his work with circus nightmare acts Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson, has also worked with k.d. lang, Ricky Martin and David Lee Roth among others.


John 5 is using A-T’s Artist Elite 5000 series wireless.  The match appears to be a natural as the motor-city guitarist is an integral part on the stage act, roams the stage (and all the while flawlessly executing speed metal licks) and, apparently, can’t be tied down.



As for the integrity of his wireless system, John 5 states, “I wouldn’t go on stage without my Audio-Technica wireless; it’s simply the best on the market. You can’t tell the difference between the wireless and a wired configuration. The performance is dependable every time.”


John 5


John 5 is scheduled to continue touring with Zombie throughout 2013 scaring some and thrilling others with his virtuosity.


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